YESTERDAY FACELESS facebooker Tom Voltaire Okwalinga also known as TVO claimed media guru Andrew Mwenda had fallen out with his gay lover, a loaded American businessman.

Andrew Mwenda and mystry chic

Andrew Mwenda and mystry chic

In the scanthing facebook attack on Mwenda, TVO urged Ugandans to ignore Mwenda as a frustrated gay practitioner.

This came after Mwenda had labelled former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye’s supporters as the most hopeless supporters of any political figure in

the world.

Mwenda wondered how they could support Besigye, someone who had claimed to win four presidential elections against president Yoweri Museveni but still failed to take power.

In reply TVO, a facebook voice of opposition, labelled Mwenda gay.
And this morning the ‘old man of the clan’ Mwenda has come out to dispell the gay rumors by parading a mouthwatering girl on his facebook timeline.

In the picture Mwenda can be seen holding the yet to be identified girl tightly as his smiles from ear to ear.

The war between the two- Mwenda and TVO- is surely on.

Watch this space!


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