SINCE DEBUT in world fashion, it is with no doubt that blue Denim is a house hold wear with others referring to it as the best combination.

Currently it’s enjoying massive positive consumption globally and in Uganda as well, In the same mix we can reliably confirm about Evelyn Precious alias Zuzu who has decided to bring “BLUE DENIM PARTY” in Uganda

Zuzu (middle) during press conference

Zuzu (middle) during press conference

Zuzu did the same party in London and it was a success. She borrowed a leaf and decided to bring it back home. If her consistency is something to go by, then probably you already have a clue about the highly anticipated party.


This party is basically about fashion and fun with an idea derived from love for denim, It’s common and

never goes out of fashion.

“My motivation focus is when I once went for shopping and coincidentally, we were about 4 of us rocking on blue denim jeans, we were so smart and I looked forward to a hundred plus people rocking on the same wear. I decided to throw an indoor party to bring out its beauty” said Zuzu

“5 people are going to win 500k each. To win this money, all you have to do is to give a strong reason why you deserve to win the money. This is according to my “give back” plan” she added

Blue Denim

For starters, this is not a concert but about having fun and entertainment with lots of surprises expected.

The anticipated party is slated for 15 December 2016, with stated fees of 30k for ordinary, 150k single and 1.5M table.

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