PRESIDENTIAL PRESS secretary Don Innocent Wanyama should eat his fattest cock when he goes to his village in Mbale for Christmas next week.

Presidential Don Wanyama

The president’s man survived falling into a trap of a conman pretending to be businessman Balaam Barugahara.

Last Sunday afternoon while returning from duty upcountry, conman using phone number 0754714501 claiming to be Balaam asked for money from Wanyama.

However Wanyama was vigilant enough to double check, only to be told that Balaam was actually in Singapore.

Wanyama revealed: “However, I choose to confirm. “Who’s this?”
“Ono Balaam nawe, I just used a different line,” the chap answers.
“Ahh bulaadi ogamba ki?” I prod characteristic of usual banter with Balaam Barugahara whom I am convinced I am talking to.
But the next line jolts me out of the dreamy state.
“Ndina deal. Ku sawa kumi njakufuna mitwalo kinana but netaga 500k now. Mperezako on this line I will refund at 4p.m.”
The Balaam I know can’t be going about business this way, I reflect. I

tell him to give me a few minutes as I check my mobile money balance.
The few minutes are actually to call Balaam using the line I know. His phone goes unanswered but the tune indicates he’s out of the country. The Chinese woman’s voice apparently telling me the call is unanswered confirms this.
Just as I get off, the fake Balaam calls back. I tell him to call in three minutes since I am sending the mobile money. In three minutes he calls, saying he doesn’t see the money. I then tell him that I actually spoke to the real Balaam who is in China and that instead of mobile money, he can expect mobile police to visit him. He didn’t let me complete the message.
Balaam has actually returned from Singapore and when I shared the story he couldn’t stop laughing. Guys, I know it’s Christmas time and we have had a long dry spell but let’s not over kuyiiya.”

Our investigations now reveal the same conman has tried to fleece other people including Club Amnesia owner Innocent Nahabwe and car dealer Desh Kananura.

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