THE LONGTERM friendship between singing star Jose Chameleone and socialite Gareth Onyango could be coming to a sudden end.

One of the screenshots

One of the screenshots

This is after Gareth shared a post abusing and ridiculing Chameleone’s music.

The post allegedly from a little known blogger claims Chameleone is done musically and needs to bow to the likes of Sheebah and Eddy Kenzo.

While Chameleone acknoqledges that the post does not originate from his friend Gareth, he is bitter Gareth shared it allover Whatsapp groups.


The extension of the chat

The extension of the chat

And now a war

is brewing between the two.

Chameleone took to his personal facebook account and posted:
“I have always laughed at people who describe art from one point of view!!! We all appreciate things from which angle we see it.My music lives strong because the harder you despise it the deeper it sinks in you. Therefore those that view art from a wise angle appreciate and embrace as foolish ones justify their foolish angles.
None of your negative opinion has ever made a change on my great music that millions embrace.

Mr. Onyango Gareth wherever this started from, Nothing will stop the times!!!!
Echoing Some idiots post makes you sound the same.

I still call you a Friend and brother and it won’t change.

#SWEETBANANA is Loading regardless of opinion.

is built on the stones people throw to us.”


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