THE WAR against Shisha is on with over 30 people in custody for either selling or smoking it.

Shisha Smokers arrested

Shisha Smokers arrested

The tobacco control advocates UNHCO and Kira Road Police women raided hangout places like Casablanca, Panamera, Cayenne and Dinners where shisha is prominent.

TC advocates are engineering public perceptions about the dangers of Shisha use and enforce it’s ban in the country. We are working to get the public enraged and empowered to resist tobacco exposure.

The arrested will appear in Naguru court tomorrow with the Tobacco control lawyers from CEHURD.

Among them

is honourable Okumu’s son. The honourable was aamong the MPs who supported the passing of the bill in parliament.

UNHCO complained to police about the impunity of contravention and none compliance with the Tobacco Control Act and police enforced as mandated by the police Act and the Tobacco Control Act.

A scribe being 'jump' lifted by police

A scribe being ‘jump’ lifted by police

Individuals arrested were charged with smoking in public which is contrary to section 16(1) and sellers then the Coporate persons section 16(2) and attendant paragraphs as per the Tobacco Control Law.

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