CELEBRATED JOURNALIST Andrew Mwenda has likened opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye Uganda’s Adolf Hitler in his latest social media missive.

Andrew Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda

German’s Hitler is infamously remembered for his brutal role during the second world war where he murdered millions.
He is arguably the deadliest humanbeing to ever live on planet earth.

In his latest facebook missive Independent Magazine CEO Mwenda suggested Besigye is no different from Hitler because of his radicalism.

Mwenda further referred to Besigye supporters as social media terrorists.

He wrote: “When I started this defiance campaign against the extremism of the radical fanatics of Kizza Besigye’s faction of the FDC, they thought that they would use their tried and tested methods of social media terrorism to silence me as they have done with all other Ugandans. The

opposite happened: first they unleashed all the energy in me to fight extremism and second, they drew a huge audience to this site. Now we control the largest discussion group on social media in terms of engagement.

I want to express my gratitude to all of those Ugandans who have joined this crusade against the radical extremism of the Besigye fanatics. We must not retreat in the face of their primitive and vulgar politics of hate and intimidation. They have proven that they and their cult leader are the biggest dangers our nation faces today. Adolf Hitler in Germany emerged exactly in the same manner as Besigye today. Besigye is a potential Hitler; his fanatics, the gestapo.”

Eversince the turn of the new year, Mwenda has been involved in a brutal social media exchange with Besigye’s supporters with a section labeling him a homosexual with no moral authority to speak about anything.


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