A RENOWNED DOCTOR at one of the top clinics is being accused of ballooning and infecting a married woman with the deadly HIV virus.

Flavia and Chris's son

Flavia and Chris’s son

A city dude Christopher Makobayeye accusses Dr. Wilbur Bushara of Herna Medical Centre in Nansana of snatching his wife Flavia Atuhirwe, and not only impregnanting her but also infecting her.

Teary Christopher told this website that the doctor snatched his wife after promising her a clinical studies chance.

Here is Christopher’s shocking full confession:
“My Name is Christopher Makobayeye, a Ugandan of advanced age, am born again Christian. I have too much emotional pain that I can no longer keep silent about but share with you for advice.

I have been living with my wife close to six years now since we moved in.

I met Flavia Atuhirwe while she was in high school and after sometime in a relationship she got pregnant and God blessed us with a baby boy who is school going now. Since we were a young couple life was not easy at all because my income by then was meagre.

Her family was not all that financially stable that I actually had to give a hand to them as well with the little I earned.

After Flavia giving birth and regaining some strength, I got her a small job around town to be able to cater for some basic needs and life moved on until last year when I took her to my parents in Sironko/Mbale and we were planning to formalize our marriage officially.

I was already known to her family because I was the daily bread winner to them.

Chris in his village to introduce her to his parents

Chris in his village to introduce her to his parents

Initially I used to get rumors from some people that my wife could be moving out with people at her place of work but I didn’t take it serious since she used to work in a social happening place.

I believed those were just occupational hazards and I trusted her, but I think I was wrong.

Bushara takes over.

Bushara takes over.

Basing on that assumption we agreed that she leaves that place to look for something else. She gave me a very interesting idea that one of her friends worked as a doctor at a nearby medical facility where they also offer short term clinical training and she

was to start training as a clinical attendant.

I welcomed the idea though I wanted to first meet the owner of the facility in question but I did not at the time since he was a very busy man.

But her ‘Doctor’ friend convinced her that it was not necessary meeting the boss, little did I know that this guy DR. WILBUR BUSHARA was harboring interests for my wife.

Hardly after one month I started getting information from our neighbors how Flavia has started coming back home late in company of a strange guy escorting her.

Still I didn’t take it serious but this time I engaged my spies. Some were her friends and others at HERNA MEDICAL CENTRE NANSANA MASITOWA were she lied that she wasvstudying yet they were just initiating a love affair.

Luckily enough one of the staff at the clinic called me and assured me how DR BUSHARA had turned my wife into his office attendant, that they are ever enclosed in his small room which doubles as his patient diagnosing room.

I got mad but controlled my anger, she was good at creating excuses to turn blame back to me. She denied until after sometime I started receiving photos of her and WILBUR having fun in several places.

This guy is a devil, he openly started sharing photos on his Facebook timeline cuddling and kissing my wife and openly declaring how he is marrying her.

This was all because Flavia convinced him that am computer illiterate and I don’t know anything about social media.

They romanced and according to staff members at HERNA MEDICAL CENTRE they even some times had sex from BUSHARA’S small office.

What hurt me most is that she got mad and obsessed with the guy that she forgot all about our son whom she sometimes left with neighbors and then came back drunk.

This compelled me to start following them closely until one day when I found BUSHARA WILBUR on top of my wife FLAVIA ATUHIRWE.

I got confused, thought of everything to do but failed.

I tried to contact the management of the Clinic about the misconduct of their staff but no one gave me attention. I just went to my pastor and he prayed for me.

As I write this Flavia is pregnant with WILBUR’S kid due to give birth anytime from now.


It’s also alleged that before this she aborted a kid without my knowledge after realizing it wasn’t mine but for WILBUR again.

What am worried about is the safety of my son because ever since that incident I moved on to live alone and left her. I want my son to be with my mom or myself. Flavia is now in a dangerous situation of not only expecting an illegitimate child but she has contracted HIV.”

Dr. Wilbur was unavailable for comment by presstime.


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