A JUICY SOCIAL media war has broken out with Kinetic boss Cedric Babu being accused of bonking a senior female deejay.

Babu tweets

Babu tweets

Wife Alison Gallagher accuses her hubby Cedric of sleeping with a one Dj Carol. Dj Carol is the resident deejay at Kinetic. She also does work in the marketing department.

But according to Cedric’s wife, disc spinner Carol has been providing more services to her hubby than deejaying and marketing for his company.

Wife Alison has taken to Twitter to slam Carol and warn her against sleeping with her hubby.

In one of her tweeets, Alison reveals her pain of being left home alone to look after

their three children while her hubby strays away with Carol.

This website understands that for quite sometime, Alison has tried to warn Carol off her man but in vain.

“Carol doesn’t pick Alison’s calls on reply her text messages. She knows what she wants and she is not ready to let go of Cedric. He is the sweetest thing to ever happen to her,” a source said.

Left with little option Alison has now taken her war for her man to Twitter, ashaming her otherwise respected man.

And as you read this, shamed Cedric has deactivated all his social media accounts as he tries to cool yhe storm.

The Tweets

The Tweets

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