SEXY TV star Haffy Powers has proved to be a very daring babe after word reaching us that she has tattoos in her nether regions.

Haffy Powers showing off
Haffy, who is involved in an on and off sexual affair with a city emcee only identified as Esco, is said to have tattoos on her lower back and inner thighs.

According to our Moles, Haffy usually hides these tattoos and he only people who manage to

see and admire them are who have so far managed to peel off her clothes, amongst them being MC Esco.

According to her pals, Haffy was tattooed in the nether region by a famous tattooist in town, who she is said to have left with a huge wet patch in his pants the day he did the job on her very appetizing private parts.

Haffy and Mc Esco

Haffy and Mc Esco



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