THE RATE at which the police(RPC’s ,DPC’s) and the District internal security officers(DISO), demand for money for ‘facilitation’ and allowances, for officer’s deployed at events, from Event organisers and promoters, is very worrying and absolutely pathetic.

One of the Uganda Police Meetings (File Photo)

One of the Uganda Police Meetings (File Photo)

Cases of  officers,threatening to stop an event or arrest the promoter, even after hundreds of revellers have already accessed the venue, are increasing.

What beats my understanding, is that the senior officers, don’t even trust themselves. I have witnessed several times,how senior officers clash for money at Nambole after an international match and at international music concerts and forget to supervise  their juniors.
In most cases,  Junior officers deployed, never get their allowances or are under paid.I vividly, remember officers, getting only 3000shs from their DPC after a big event ,yet the promoter, had

offered 20,000shs per officer.
It’s now the norm ,for most DPC’s ,to claim that they will deploy 1000 officers , even for a small event of about 300 guests.Where will the get them from?
It’s the duty of the police and sister agencies, to  serve and protect Ugandans and they shouldn’t always be greedy for money and at the same time provide poor services ,especially crowd control management.Just attend any international soccer match at Nambole,you will always see the area RPC,DPC,RISO,DISO and several  senoir officers, seated by the pitch and forgetting to monitor the situation in and around the stadium.
I believe,its about time the inspector General of Police, formed a competent crack task force unit ,that handles events/functions.This unit should be deployed at all sports events(mainly soccer) and concerts as is done abroad.Event promoters, would find it easier to deal with them.

Ugandans ,are sick and tired of increased soccer violence and  people being robbed after concerts,simply because some few senior officers are too greedy and incompetent.

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