EVERSINCE SHE joined the big screen with fast growing NBS TV, Bushra Namirimu has been what can be termed as laid back.

Bushra talks about the flower business

Bushra talks about the flower business

But not anymore! Bushra has waited patiently for her time and finally its here.

For a month now renowned NBS former news anchor, Bushra Namirimu, has been hosting a new show Agri-Business, a farm and garden show.

And since its inception a month ago, the show has received quite the following and is becoming increasingly popular amongst the growing agricultural sector.

After the hit single by leading female artist Sheebah, “Nimiro” (Luganda for farm/garden), it is hoped the farming profession will become an even more popular choice of career for Uganda’s youth.

And Bushra is at the centre of this informative and educative show.

So far, the show has featured farmers and farms from across the country such as, Dr. Emma Luyima a Veterinary doctor by profession who has a small scale farm on one acre of land on Entebbe road and is earning from growing matooke, onions as well as engaging in fish farming and Mathias Kirungi a passion fruit farmer in Zirobwe.

Agri-Business has also featured Rosebud Farm on Entebbe road, the largest exporter of flowers from Uganda

as well as Agro Genetics Technologies in Buloba where new technology called tissue culture is being used to multiply banana seeds alongside post-harvest technology and food processing techniques which will definitely lead the country to the middle income status being aspired to.

NBS Presenter on Set

NBS Presenter on Set

NBS TV Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Pamela Adongo shared some insights into the Agri-Business show: “Uganda is a predominantly agricultural nation with over 70% of the population classified as youth and our job as NBS is to create awareness of the opportunities out there for Ugandans and how they can take advantage of these.

Agriculture is one of the options to seeking employment. Through our knowledgeable presenter, Ms. Bushra Namirimu, We’re using the show to highlight the latest developments in the sector in terms of manufacturing, distribution, marketing and developing technologies in Agriculture. Giving successful farmers and entrepreneurs a platform to share their stories and encourage others considering farming as a productive way of life is one of the most important reasons why NBS decided to premiere this show and it is our hope our viewers gain from the information shared on the show.”

AGRI-BUSINESS with Bushra Namirimu airs on NBS TV every Monday at 8pm.
Its a must watch!


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