THE Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen. Kale Kayihura has said that if anyone is to be blamed for the arrest of embattled Makerere University research fellow Dr. Stella Nyanzi, itshould be him since he was doing his job as a law enforcement officer.

IGP Kayihura

IGP Kayihura

According to Kayihura, he takes full responsibility for the arrest of Dr. Nyanzi and he is ready for any kind of criticism but he cannot allow people like the academia to exhibit such kind of immorality in society. Lawlessness can not be tolerated. Our duty is to serve and protect the citizens of this country Uganda.

The police boss said this while addressing the press today at Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Headquarters in Bugolobi.

Kayihura stated that even if the First Lady came out openly and forgave Nyanzi, as police they could not sit back and watch someone disrespecting others like that most especially the President and his wife adding that police had to put her to book.
“If anyone is blaming us for Dr. Nyanzi’s arrest, you blame Kayihura I take the responsibility. Even if the First lady forgave her publicly, police has to do its job we cannot accept such behavior in our society,” said Kayihura.

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi