POPULAR MAN of God Pastor Wilson Bugembe has praised Inspector General of Police General Edward Kale Kayihura as special.

The IGP being honored by Bugambe

The IGP being honored by Bugambe

This comes at a time when the IGP and the entire police are under pressure following the recent nationwide organized crime attacks that have claimed lives and property lost.

However Pastor Bugembe insists that Kayihura is a special character and someone he has admired his entire life.

Bugembe further acknowledged that Kayihura might not

be perfect like everyone else but he is close to perfection.

Bugembe posted: “When you Finally meet the man you have always admired from afar.

No man is perfect, I wonder how you sleep and wake up when you are the Inspetor General of Police.

He has a tough Job, No man is perfect but Gen Kayihura is a special gentleman and a gift to this nation.

We pray God heals the wounds of the recent loss of our hero the late Kaweesi

We pray for you that your reign will be a reign of peace and No disaster like the reign of King Solomon. Respect Respect sir !”


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