This April, 2017 – Uganda Waragi announced a show called “Tugende mu Kikadde” which will take place on May 6th, 2017 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

Uganda Waragi Brand Manager, Roy Tumwizere and Kabuye Sembogga, one of the artists slated to perform at the show.

Uganda Waragi Brand Manager, Roy Tumwizere and Kabuye Sembogga, one of the artists slated to perform at the show.

The show will feature performances by Ugandan music icons; Afrigo Band, Halima Namakula, Mariam Ndagire and Kabuye Semboga in a 3 hour music extravaganza.

The event was announced at a press launch that was held at Uganda Breweries Limited offices in Luzira.
Announcing the show, Roy Tumwizere, Brand Manager, Uganda Waragi said the show would be a musical journey reminiscent of the passage Ugandan music has undergone over the past years.

“This show will give us the opportunity to enjoy some of the best Ugandan classics performed by musicians who we grew up listening to. These icons set the stage for what we now see as the different Ugandan musical genres.

Uganda Waragi is happy to enable this experience that will showcase our great Ugandan talent and heritage,” he said.
The event will feature a red carpet at arrivals and the dress code will be vintage to suit the event theme. It is being organized in partnership with Sprout Events. Tickets are being sold at UGX100, 000 for VIP and VVIP at UGX5, 000,000 a table. They are available at all Payway outlets.
“Tugende mu Kikadde” means “Back to our roots”. Its purpose is to relive some of our unforgettable memories through music. This is a show that can be enjoyed by both the young people and the older generation. It will be a night of great Ugandan music and we invite you all to attend and celebrate our unique heritage,” said Patrick Kalungi, of Sprout Africa.

Addressing the press, Kabuye Ssemboga, one of the artists to perform promised to deliver a great show which will include classics and a showcase of their best work yet.

Uganda Waragi, with a heritage spanning 53 years, has supported and nurtured local talent evidenced by the brand’s long standing relationship with Afrigo band.

The band is the longest lasting musical group in Uganda’s history, having existed for the last 41 years. During this time, they have been able to produce 22 albums with over 200 songs.

Uganda Waragi also promised to host a cocktail before the main concert to give guests the ultimate premium drinking experience. The cocktail will feature master crafted cocktails by UBL trained

About Uganda Waragi Currently Uganda’s number 1 spirit brand, Uganda Waragi has been produced in Uganda since 1965. It derives its name from “War Gin” as the “Colonial masters” referred to the local Gin that the locals would drink for “Dutch Courage” at the battlefields.

Its production process classifies it as a Gin and to many Ugandans, Uganda Waragi = “The Spirit of Uganda”. Uganda Waragi is available in 750ml, 350ml, 200ml and 100ml clear bottles. Uganda Waragi is referred to as UG by majority of its adoring consumers.

In 2015, to celebrate the brand’s 50 year anniversary, Uganda Waragi announced the launch of two new flavor variants, Uganda Waragi Coconut and Uganda Waragi Coffee.

Uganda Waragi is a 5 time Monde Selection award winner; a true testament to the quality of Uganda Waragi envisioned by Master Blender Joel Sentamu at inception in 1965.

Afrigo Band's Joanitah Kawalya performs at the band's Royal Ball concert last year.

Afrigo Band’s Joanitah Kawalya performs at the band’s Royal Ball concert last year.

“UG” is a bold, vibrant Gin that has over the years taken a leading role in bringing people together.
It is a product of Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL), Uganda’s leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, wines and beer categories.


Artists Profiles
Afrigo Band is the longest-lasting musical group in the history of Uganda, having existed for 41 years. During this time, they have been able to produce 22 albums with over 200 songs.

The band was formed by a group of eight musicians led by their band leader, vocalist, and alto saxophonist, Moses Matovu, who continues to lead the band. Present members of the band include; Moses Matovu, Herman Ssewanyana, Joanitah Kawalya, Rachel Magoola, Charles Ssekyanzi Mutagubya and Sammy Kasule.

Mariam Ndagire is a Ugandan female singer, entertainer, actress, playwright, film director, and film producer. She is known for hits like Mulongo Wange, Nkusibiddawo, Kamuwaane and Abakazi Twalaba among others.

Halima Namakula is a vocalist best known for popular hits like Ekimbeewo, Sambagala and Cheza. She has gotten recognition for her craft and was a Kora Awards nominee in 2004 and 2005.

Kabuye Semboga is a gifted lyricist and vocalist with a career in the music industry spanning 40 years. The veteran singer started out in the late 1970’s with Elly Wamala’s Mascots Band. His work includes songs like Sheila, Kangume, Twebelera Eno, (Ebisanyi) Bimbunyebunye and Fahima, Onyambanga.

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