HELL’S KITCHEN IN KAMPALA: Over the years ugandan music has grown to have its fair share of airplay both on the scenes in bars and on radios…whilst most acknowledgment is given to basically the artists and Djs, little is known of the music technophants called the Producers.
Nash with his Award

Nash with his Award

Having had the recent concluded Buzz Teens’ Awards, such people have now come out of the lime light.
The little known BigNash has now become a household name, thanks to Irene Ntale’s constant maestro loop intros in most of her hit songs like the recent “he go down” where she holifies the name ‘a bignash..’
The once swangz Avenue producer who now prides himself as a solo beat maker, had his creative hands recorgnised recently after being crowned as “Beat Maker Of The Year’!
Those close to BigNash say having gone solo with his newly set and ready to roll acquizition of a state of the art studio ‘Big Nash Production Studios’ in Muyenga, more should be expected from the young promising producer than just the Buzz Award
Nash in his New studio

Nash in his New studio

Nash has been unseen, but always very well heard of and now expect more of being seen and heard a source added.
And well we at Xclusive, cant wait..

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