LAST year, Ssuuna was married to one lady who is known to have made lots of money from having many masabo (shrines). This woman had managed to curb Ssunna’s wild nature to the extent that all Ssuuna had to do was to sleep all day and entertain the lady all night.

Omulangira Ssuna

Now this made Ssunna to slip down musically.

But salvation comes in many forms, there is another Nkumba Kyeyo woman who had a fling with Ssuuna in 2009 and when she came back early this month, she fished Ssuuna out of the Shrines and as we speak, Omulangira is back in the studios.

Our snoop has learnt that the shrines woman has warned the kyeyo woman and Ssunna mbu soon they will know that her Jajjas are real.

Omulangira ssuna

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