FALLEN EDUCATIONIST Professor Lawrence Mukiibi, the proprietor of the famous St. Lawrence schools ‘loved them brown and bummy’, it has been revealed.

The Late Prof. Mukibi looking on

The Late Prof. Mukibi looking on

This shocking revelations come days following his burial.
At his burial on friday last week, it emerged that the celebrated professor had fathered various children outside wedlock.

Then the number of kids was said to be 53.
And since then it has been growing with many sources claiming he left 87 children, and 20 pregnancies.

All these in 80 young girls, all former students at his schools.

Now sources attached to the schools have admitted that it was public knowledge that Mukiibi had ‘a thing for brown and bummy’ girls.

“They would make him weak in the knees. He would salivate and get uncomfortable whereever he would see such students,” one close source told us.

Reports suggest that he even had a fridge stocked with alcohol in his offices, especially the one at London College.

“He loved London College more. His office was his most magnificent office of all campuses and he would invite the brown bummy girls and give them wines and whiskeys. They wouldn’t survive him,” another source added.

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The Late Prof. With some of his students