Team No Sleep superstar Sheebah Karungi has served her legion of facebook followers her amazing new tattoo.

Sheebah Displaying her tattoo

Sheebah Displaying her tattoo

And much more. Her amazing under boob. Sexy Sheebah teased fans with the fresh new tattoo but many had their eyes on her protruding under boob that without a doubt sent temperatures racing.

Sheebah has over the years served fans

with her sexy pictures.
This is up there with her best.

The singer had the word “Karma” and a crown inked on her upper abdomen.
She revealed that she is a great believer in karma as she showed her new tattoo.

And she had something to say: “Great Believer in KARMA! Have Always Been!!
You Get What You Give! You Reap What You Sow. This Tattoo Means So Much To Me! One Day, I will Go deeper about its Meaning to me.”


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