CITY MUSIC and events promoter Aly Alibhai is set to wed his fiancee former Miss Uganda Sylvia Wilson Namutebi.

Aly Alibhai, Ex Miss UG Namutebi

Aly Alibhai, Ex Miss UG Namutebi

This website can reliably reveal that the lovebirds will walk down the aisle next month on July 29 in Kampala.

The pair blessed with one child- a boy- have been dating for years.

He proposed two years ago.
Speaking about it, an excited Namutebi said:
“Aly gave me my perfect proposal just the one I wanted. Cozy, romantic and most of all private.

He had everything planned out, on that evening he asked me to dress up because he wanted to take me to dinner, so I said OK, earlier in the day I’d found a bottle of expensive champagne in the fridge and I wondered why was it there but I

ignored it, after dressing up I see it on the table! I say to him u know I can’t drink why is that bottle there, he told oh u will have some, I said nope I put it back in the fridge, he put it out again! I told him what’s wrong with u and champagne today!

He told me never mind go and finish dressing up, so i did, when I come out the room, he had everything set up! While in South Africa, he got P-Square to record a massage for me, so he asked me to sit down and look at the TV, he played the clip.

They first sung one of my favorite songs ‘no one like you’ after which they said, “Sylvia Aly has a special massage for you, so sit back and listen to what his got to say’ at which point Aly got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”


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