IT IS nolonger a secret! Bummy music star Desire Luzinda is dating tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

Just last week the singer claimed the businessman was just a business partner before she made a U-TURN and revealed the two are an item.

Desire Luzinda and tycoon Lwasa

Desire Luzinda and tycoon Lwasa

Her list of sex conquests continues to grow, that we believe she doesn’t remember some of her men now believed to be at a whopping 123. YES YOU READ RIGHT!

Some years back it was revealed that Desire Luzinda earns $20,000 (around shs55 million) annually to supply sex in India.

Ever since pictures of the curvy singer leaked a few years ago, she has been the biggest talking point and certainly her dirty sex secrets have leaked.

Then, our sources in India confirmed that Desire is pimped by a top renowned company Zeny Escorts. This pimping company is based in Gurgoan, five miles from Delhi in India.

The singer and one of her conquests

The singer and one of her conquests

Sources further revealed to us that each year, Desire sends her sexiest pictures to the company in India which in turn hawks them to potential clients. Once clients accept the offer (Desire) bookings are made. And sources tell us that for the last five years, Desire has been a hot cake with Indians who always book for her with extra dime.


And you cannot fault the Indians. The recently released Desire Luzinda sex tapes show she is a girl any man would want to bed.

It must be noted that we did not include the Indians on her list since we could not independently tell how many she has slept with.

Ever since she hit the social scene, sexy Desire has bedded a host of fellas including; Major Juma Seiko, a renowned city Casanova.  At one time Seiko claimed to be the father of Desire’s only child until a one Martin Kaddu surfaced.

Desire confirmed Kaddu as the baby daddy.

The super sexy singer has also been linked to tycoon (or former) Habib Kagimu. Kagimu is also a major force in women’s pants. He has also dated two top royals, former vice president Specioza Kazibwe among others.

Desire Luzinda with Manager Sam Yiga

Desire Luzinda with Manager Sam Yiga

Desire has also dated a top boss at FACO only identified as Mukasa. FACO is a Manufacturing and Exporting company that deals in HIPS BOOSTER, BUM BOOSTER and other body enlargements.

Singer Weasel has also dated Desire. The pair, we can reveal, became an item when

they recorded a single (Fitting) together. Weasel’s love for bummy chics is legendary.

She has also dated Dan Lubega also known as Dj Western.  Dj Western is a sexpest that has not only bedded Desire but Phina Masanyalaze, Mariam Namukasa aka Tindatiine, Sheebah Karungi and Diana Nalubega among others.

Desire and the Japanese investor

Desire and the Japanese investor

She has also been linked to Sam Yiga, who is into music management and promotion. He at one time used to manage both Desire’s music and sex life until he got fed up with the bummy singer’s constant international flights. He felt cheated and threw in the towel.

Weasel feels Desire's booty

Weasel feels Desire’s booty

She has also dated a top UPDF top official who at one point donated to her a sleek black BMW car.


A one Brian Chuck Salvador has also undressed the musician. This chap is fast becoming famous for ‘felling down’ top city female celebrities. Sources reveal that this young handsome dude is becoming a magnet of female celebrities. Word indicates that he is always hired to provide styling services for Iryn Ntale , Desire Luzinda and other celebs but after becoming close to the city female celebs he ends up taking more roles in their lives. SEX ROLE!


Celebrity hairdresser Zziwa is one other person who has had more than she bargained for with curvy Desire.  He started as just his hairdresser and ended bonking her.

Franklin and Desire

Franklin and Desire

Zipper Ataffo, real name Meddie Matovu, has disturbingly been linked to Desire as well.  He trades as a professional Make-up artist. He has been close to city dudes and female celebrities. Insiders reveal that Ataffo has been close, we mean close enough to touch anywhere on any of the celebrities. For a long time his sexuality has been a topic of discussion in different corners but he normally clears the air by saying that what he does behind closed doors with an adult of consenting age whether male or female is totally his business. Ataffo is a tight friend to Judith Heard, Desire Luzinda and Iryn Namubiru.

Others linked to Desire include; Eddie Yawe, Kasole’s son, ofcourse Ken Ntaro who married her for years, Shamir Sengendo, Hajji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala (that bastard),  Mesach Semakula,  Silver Kyagulanyi,  Sir Gordon Wavamunno,  John Babimba (a city car dealer),  Franklin Ebikeme Emoubor Ebenhron,  Eddie Ngoni,  Elly Kasule and his brother Mujib Kasule as well as SC Villa owner Eng Ben Misagga.


To be continued…


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