GOODLYFE DUO Moze Radio and Weasel TV are on the verge of signing skilled music manager Emma Carlos Mulondo, this website understands.

Moze Radio and Weasel

Moze Radio and Weasel

Our eagle eyed snoops have landed on information that for the last two weeks or so, the singers have been in intense discussions with Emma Carlos over the managerial position.

For the past few years, Emma Carlos has been managing singer Kalifah AgaNaga.

We do not know if he (Emma Carlos) will be leaving Kalifah management once he signs with Radio and Weasel.

Meanwhile other sources claim the closed door meeting between the

Goodlyfe stars and Emma could be about their upcoming 10th anniversary concert.

Emma Carlos Mulondo

Emma Carlos Mulondo

However whatever its it will surely change  local music dynamics mainly because Emma  Carlos will finally have received  the talent that he deserves and Radio and Weasel on the other hand will have received a talent manager that shall market, guide, promote and serve their musical interests to maximise potential.

Emma Carlos Mulondo has a wealth of music management having successfully managed various singers, that include Dream Galz, Phina Mugerwa, Coco Finger and most recently, Kalifah AgaNaga.

Watch this space!


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