MY FIRST encounter with Bobi Wine was in 2001 at Makerere University.

We bumped into each other, he donned in Rastafarian colored clothes at the lane that led to Mary Stuart aka Box. I think then he was going to bench Barbie, blah blah. I didn’t mind much but I noticed a unique character.

Bobi and Barbie

Bobi and Barbie

The other time was in 2002 when he and Toolman performed at Miss MUK that was held at Munyonyo. The performance was so controversial because they both came wearing male G-Strings. Still then I was like okay.


Then after that I occasionally bumped into him at Box while he picked Barbie who by then if I may recall well was Mary Stuart aka Box Minister of Culture or Women affairs in a second hand Levin car. By that time I had started taking interest in Ugandan Music because Peter Miles was a resident of Lumumba Hall to which I was resident and held the post of Minister of Finance. Bebe Cool also used to frequent Makerere at Club 5 with his yellow car and favorite red armless t-shirt.

Jose Chameleone was a mystery but a favorite to all University students then.

The other time I met Bobi Wine was in 2004 at Hotel Africana when I was then PAM awards boss Isaac Mulindwa’s ADC. Isaac and other Music Stakeholders like Halima Namakula, Richard Kaweesa etc had organized a meeting to intervene in Bobi and Chameleone beef that had turned bloody.

He arrived at the Hotel with pomp and an entrouge. I was manning the entrance and in the process bounced his big brother Eddy Yawe whom I didn’t know then, but later became my mentor and personal friend. In that meeting Chameleone didn’t show up.


We met again in 2006 after I had resigned my ADC job with Isaac Mulindwa to pursue my dream of being a Talent Manager and the first professional engagement was when Phina Mugerwa my first act appeared in his block buster hit Bada that popularized calypso dance.

In that pursuit I partnered with his elder brother Eddy Yawe the proprietor of Dream Studios to

form Dream Galz. Dream Studios is locked in the Ghettos of Kamwokya a place where he spent most of his free time. My interactions with him then were always brief and professional and if I may recall that was the time he appointed Lawrence Labejja to manage his business affairs.

Lawrence had come in as a manager to Buchaman. However when Bobi noticed his skills and dedication he recruited him officially. Once in a while I booked and coordinated some of his gigs through my company Twinkle Star Agency.


During all this time despite the fact that I listened and danced to his music, I didn’t consider myself much of a fan, however I was wowed by his intellect, philosophical slag, an undying passion for justice and fairness, his never give up attitude, desire to achieve and succeed at whatever cost, his humility and simplicity.

These are the attributes that Bobi Wine shall apply in his new calling to deliver.


Last but not least so many bad and good things have happened to Bobi Wine in his life time. Let’s concentrate on the good like his successful music career and recent political win, but one of the major things that has really ever happened to Bobi Wine in volumes and shall always be: is Barbie’s acceptance to Love him unconditionally.

For us who are in the business of managing personalities know firsthand what that means. Many songs that Bobi Wine composed, recorded, sang and performed where directly or indirectly inspired by his feelings for Barbie for example Omulaasi, Caroline, Aidah, For better for worse, Specioza just to mention a few. Any scholar shall agree with me on this.


To him this was dream come true that led a platform for other dreams. He has rewarded her by being committed, building a palace in Magere, a beach to manage in Busabala, and a highly ranked wedding. Trust me Bobi Wine aka Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentemu of Kyadondo East is still on the journey to reward his boo.

Like the story of Hellen of Troy and Taj Mahal he will go to any length to fulfil his mission to appease Barbie and at the same time serve humanity.

Finally, and frankly speaking, given the current waves of change and the youth magma piling up, don’t rule out the Presidency!

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