A PICTURE OF lovers Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz with late Ivan Ssemwanga’s alleged ghost (circled) lingering in the background is making rounds on social media.

The shocking photo- that has been shared on various Facebook pages- has sent tongues wagging with many laughing it off as a big joke.

The hilarious picture doing the rounds on social media

The hilarious picture doing the rounds on social media

The pic, first shared, a few days ago shows Zari and lover singing

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sensation Diamond concentrated on something on her phone. In the background, an extremely dark object that somehow resembles a human being, lingers.

The picture was taken last week during Zari’s mom vigil.

And social media gimmicks have come all out to claim the object is actually late Ssemwanga’s ghost. Apparently, the gimmicks claim, late Ssemwanga is determined to disrupt Zari and Diamond love story.

It is said Ssemwanga died a sad man after Zari dumped him and hooked the much younger Tanzanian singer.

Loaded Ssemwanga died a sad man, in May.

This website could not confirm if indeed the image in the picture is the late’s ghost.


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