RESEARCH FELLOW Dr. Stella Nyanzi says she could soon become homeless revealing most landlords are ‘refusing her rent money’ in Kampala.

Dr Stella Nyanzi fears she could soon be homeless

Dr Stella Nyanzi fears she could soon be homeless

Madam Nyanzi revealed that most landlords do not want to associate with her for fear of being branded anti government.

In a chilling message posted on social media, Nyanzi further said her old friends are also avoiding any association with her.

She posted:

“When one is declared “anti-government” in Uganda, it is interesting how people begin fearing associating with this person. Today in the supermarket, I met an OG who pretended not to know me. When our eyes met, she recognised me,

but quickly looked away and then she turned to walk away just as I broke into a smile. I let her be. I am getting used to this.


When I was looking for houses two months ago, some landlords declined my rent money at the very last minute when they discovered that I was going to be the new occupant. They mostly explained through the house-brokers that they feared housing me because they might also be mistaken for being “anti-government”!


Some time ago, well-meaning relatives advised me to stop criticizing the government in order to live a safe life. But it seems to me that the safety bought with silence in the face of oppression is at best an illusion. Your silence will not save you, even if it might make you more likeable by the tyrannical dictators.”


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