MOTORMOUTH JOSEPH Tamale Mirundi, the former Presidential Press Secretary (PPS) has revealed he supports President Yoweri Museveni’s life presidency for his own (Tamale) safety.

Tamale Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi

While appearing on NBS Television this Tuesday morning, Tamale Mirundi revealed all the people who are in support of the age limit change are doing so for selfish reasons.
“You cannot support the president to stay in power unless you are selfish. The only reason I support Museveni to stay in power is if he leaves, I have to flee,”

Mirundi is quoted.

He also revealed opposition is full of mafias who would hurt him if Museveni left power.

He said: “I have not invested in the opposition. They are mafias. I support Museveni for my security. If Museveni left power, you would see big men fleeing the country because they would be raided by the mafias in the opposition.”

Mirundi’s crazy statements come at a time when there is a heated political arena as a section of the public accuse some members of the ruling NRM party of trying to amend the constitution to allow Museveni cling onto power in 2021 when he will be above 75 years of age.


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