THE BATTLE for late Ivan Semwanga’s property has taken a strange new twist with Ssemwanga’s family member threatening to finish off Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan

Reports reaching our desk indicate one of late Ssemwanga’s uncles identified as Herbert Luyinda travelled to South Africa where he is set to file or claim custody over Ivan Semwanga’s huge estate. According to a leaked chat with one of Zari’s family members, Luyinda swore over his dead body that Zari will not take over late Ssemwanga’s estate.


“He would rather destroy the whole hereditary plan by revealing to the South African authority that Ivan Semwanga the deceased was not the rightful owner of the estate in dispute,” a source claims.

Ssemwanga's uncle's leaked document

Ssemwanga’s uncle’s leaked document


According to South African records, the schools and property in South Africa belong to Ali Senyomo.

In South African records, Ali Senyomo died and left no child. Authorities have no records of Ivan Ssemwanga ever owning a school or property there, meaning if someone came up as a close relative to

Ali Senyomo, just like Luyinda did, he can claim the entire estate.


Now that there is no complainant yet, the property is still administered by the people who were in charge before the death of the owner (Senyomo). That’s Zari and her team of staff.


Should Luyinda succeed and raise that complaint to the authorities, it is going to raise a lot of controversy in the distribution of Ivan Ssemwanga’s property.

Initially late Ssemwanga went to South Africa in his real names ‘Ivan Ssemwanga’. For some reasons better known by him and close relatives, he was banned ever from entering South Africa again. He came back to Uganda and applied for another passport in the names Ali Senyomo.


It is through that passport that he opened and transacted all his businesses. Unfortunately, his kids were left attached to Zari and the original Ivan Ssemwanga as their father, not Senyomo Ali. It is this loophole which his uncle Herbert Luyinda wants to exhaust and gain power over the estate.

This is why he warned Zari in this chat that “remember it is Ali Senyomo not Ivan Ssemwanga”

Zari is yet to reply considering the fact that he is still mourning her mother who died just last week.


Wealthy Ssemwanga died in early May after a week in coma.

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