I deliberately watched APass’ interview on NTV The Beat.

One thing I wanted to know was what the artiste that has been in this industry for about 4 years has learnt from his mentor, Bebe Cool.

 Apass has learnt well from Bebe Cool

Apass has learnt well from Bebe Cool


And its one thing; controversy.
Controversy sells you if you know how to play the cards well.
If there’s a grandfather of controversy in the Ugandan industry then it is Bebe Cool.
He has mastered what will trigger debates and conversation off and online.
He knows when to say what and how to say it.
He knows which topics to pick on and which ones to leave for his fans.

There are still people online that think this legend has no property off his name, he has no house, no land and that he only owns a hummer. Controversy is when you push fans to doubt you. When you

make another camp to rush and ask “which Bebe can be owning all that and doesn’t parade that to the press?”.

So when I see APass call Bebe a mentor, all I see is an artiste learning from the best an element that keeps one relevant in a competitive industry even when you have no work out.

Doesn’t it shock you that APass hasn’t been on stage since last year in November, hasn’t released any video this whole year, but he has managed to be relevant in Music corridors on and offline, radio and TV?

Controversy gives birth to Relevancy and this is the reason there are many artistes with good music that isn’t making the desired noise.

Now that APass has prepared the music minds, everyone would love to hear anything music from him, and for the 4 years he has been in the industry and almost a year of break and preparation, his sound will be one that will move both lovers and haters of the ruler of the next generation of artistes in this industry.

The teacher has been taught!!

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