PRESIDENT YOWERI Kaguta Museveni could be left with just around eight years to die, according to a top city opposition pastor.

Uganda Elections

President Yoweri Museveni

Pastor Abed Bwanika, a four time presidential contestant, believes Museveni will die at 80 years. The president is widely believed to be 72 years now.

While appearing on Bulange based CBS Radio, Bwanika revealed that God had showed him a revelation on Museveni’s death.

Bwanika, who was with host Meddie Nsereko, was discussing the age limit discussion that is currently a hot topic in Uganda.

Bwanika is quoted: “Museveni people are wasting time because there is another limit

which they won’t have control over. I’m saddened that a whole church of Uganda bishop can be part of the comedy of trying to deceive our people that president Museveni is younger than previously thought.


Let me tell you as a man of God what I’m seeing in the spiritual realm. It’s something we have been praying about for God to reveal to us and it’s very clear Museveni will die when he clocks 80 years. They can keep fidgeting to edit his actual age but God has decreed he won’t go beyond 80.”

Bwanika insisted that he was a true a prophet like most other pastors around.

The man of God has contested against president Museveni since 2001 and lost miserably in all attempts.


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