MUSIC legend Bebe Cool has said ‘all set programs will be on’, despite doctor’s orders to cool out.

Bebe collapsed Sunday at home in Ntinda and was rushed to Nakasero Hospital by wifey Zuena Kirema. Doctors released him earlier today, but recommended he chills at home for at least 2 weeks.

But the Gagamel superstar insists he will be back grinding and is ready to hit studio to record new music.

Bebe Cool needs a month's rest, according to medics

Bebe Cool needs a month’s rest, according to medics


A Bebe family source told this website that the musician is not slowing down. “He is addicted to working music. He has no plans to slow down.”

Earlier today it emerged the singer was suffering from

fatigue, and was advised to take a rest after the collapse.

Nakasero docs insist he is tired from too much work.

And family sources told us the fatigue could be as a result of long flights and many musical performances he has undertaken since the start of the year.

“A family source said: “Moses (Bebe Cool) is tired. He’s barely had any rest for over two years. He’s been hanging out so much as he promotes his music. If he is not at concerts or music shows, he is on the plane or in studio recording. He’s both physically and mentally worn out. He needs a rest.”


Bebe said: “Even the strong can fall. But all is going to be well as am taken care of by the best.

All set programs will be on despite the health setback. Who Jah bless no evil can undo.”

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