A FEARLESS UPDF commando has gone bonkers after bedding a pastor’s wife.

Red Pepper reports Lieutenant Ken Wabuirike, attached to the 49th battalion in Pader Distirct, has been hospitalized with a rare condition.

The soldier was last week nabbed in bed with Pastor Silver Daniel Olweny, the founder of Embassy of Excellence Church in Lira Municipality.

The pastor's wife insists she officially split with him

The pastor’s wife insists she officially split with him


We are told since the incident, Wabuirike has gone bonkers and is currently hospitalized at Bombo Military Hospital.

Major Edward Birungi, the spokesperson of UPDF land forces told

Red Pepper: “Yes, he is hospitalized here.”

Speaking to the media house, the pastor said: “It is possible he might have taken over my wife. Yes I’m hearing from neighbors who told me an ambulance came and picked her.”

We are also told that Lt. Wabuirike and the pastor’s wife- Shalom Ngole (also a pastor)- have been having steamy moments in Bombo. They left together last month in a UPDF ambulance, registration number H41469.

However Shalom insists that her marriage to the pastor ended in July. She accused the man of God of infidelity.

“My former husband Silver agreed to split from me. I have evidence to that effect,” she said.

She added that he has been threatening her and her new soldier hubby.


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