EAST AFRICA music heavyweights Dr Jose Chameleone and Jean Claude Samputu have recorded a collaboration that is expected to be an instant hit.

Samputu and Chameleone

Samputu and Chameleone

The singers are set to embark on a European tour next month and if all goes according to plan, the collabo should be their headline song for the tour.

The song is titled

Mapenzi Haitaki Mali, a Swahili statement meaning Love can’t love. The song consists of an afro-rhythm, and percussive beats sang in five different languages; Luganda, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, French and English.

The song was recorded at Audio 1 Records by producer Paddyman.

Samputu made his mark on the Uganda entertainment scene years ago with a hot single before he went into oblivion.

But now he is back to conquer the Ugandan market with this single and another one with Radio and Weasel to follow.


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