PROPHET ELVIS Mbonye has told close pals of his plans to acquire a PRIVATE JET. Yes you heard it right; AN AEROPLANE.

Word on our desk indicates the man of God is ‘totally serious’ about the jet as he looks to spread his ministering to all over the country and East Africa.

The private jet costs millions of dollars

The private jet costs millions of dollars

The prophet already owns posh cars

The prophet already owns posh cars

We are told: “Prophet Mbonye’s flock has really grown in Kampala and there is immense demand from the people for him to spread his wings. He is willing to go to urban centres around the country, and some parts of Kenya and Rwanda but he will need much more sophisticated means of transport. A private jet is the most viable option.”

According to close sources, the prophet has already contacted two private jet companies based in the United States of America for details such as jet types,

prices, maintenance among others.

The luxury in the private jet is unmatched

The luxury in the private jet is unmatched


Info shows he has contacted Cessna Aircraft Company and Beechcraft Corporation, both based in Wichita, Kansas, USA. He is working closely with a South Africa commission agency.

Beechcraft are the manufacturers of the world’s best known executive turboprop, the King Air, the prophet is said to prefer. Whether he can afford it is another matter.


“Prophet is a man of class, he has a weakness for nice stuff,” one said.


Prices of private jets vary according to type with the most expensive valued at over $500 million, one that Mbonye can definitely not afford.

US president Donald Trump owns one which is worth $100 million while boxer Floyd Mayweather owns two with one valued at $30 million.

However Mbonye might be looking at one way cheaper than those owned by the world superstars.

Recently Mbonye shopped for a Rage Rover Sport 2016 that has been valued at Shs650 million.

The prophet boasts of performing miracles in addition to having met and spoken to God.

The private jet could come as a miracle.

We are watching!

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