PROPHET ELVIS Mbonye is a man in the news.

For both the right and wrong reasons depending on the side you look at him. Since Mbonye turned to God in 1998 during his first year at Makerere University, Mbonye has had a strategy.

And in 2014 when he started organizing small fellowships at Hotel Triangle in Kampala, Mbonye’s followership has grown tremendously.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

In fact he claims to have gone to heaven and met both God and Jesus in the same year.

Since then Mbonye’s prophetic anointing has caught the attention of many people, to the extent that whenever he is preaching, believers pull out their phones to record the sessions lest they miss his prophesies.

You must probably be wondering what he has prophesied to make him such a household name.


to media sometime back, Mbonye said his first and most outstanding prophecy that turned out devastating was foretelling the exact day and month of the 2004 Asian tsunami. This prophesy ushered him into the realms of national and international prophesy.


“I remember the previous day I [had been] in bed praying, and later caught up in a trance. There were three things; the re-election of [former US president] George Bush, escalation of global terrorism and the third, was the Asian tsunami,” he recalls. “I told my then two friends about this [vision], but when the tsunami came to pass, I had forgotten about it,” Mbonye told The Observer.


Other prophecies that reportedly came to pass include the Mabira forest wrangles in 2007, the anti-gay bill, exposure of some Pentecostal pastors’ dealings, the 2010 Kampala terrorist attacks, crashing of three UPDF choppers in Kenya and the latest being the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union (Brexit).

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