JOURNALIST Allan Ssekamatte almost lost his eye in a standoff with his maid at home.

Allan Ssekamatte

Allan Ssekamatte


Ssekamate… part of the NBS Home and Away sports show… is not new to controversy and domestic fights. He has been fighting his wife for years.

But this alteration with his is the first physical brawl. And he revealed that

he almost lost his eye when the maid, identified as Yvonne, hit him with a block.

He blamed his wife.

He revealed: “The danger of hiring a maid without vetting. Mother of my kids got a schizophrenic from Rwanda named Yvonne and she almost cost me my eye. She hit me with a block because I asked her to light a charcoal stove. I think she is a hireling. Hired by a thief called Das to finish me off.”

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