MONEYBAGS… Homes, Side Businesses of Top Uganda Musicians Revealed
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BEING a musician requires commitment because it is a full time job.

Some of these celebrated individuals have made a choice to fill their busy schedules with even more work by running side businesses; either by owning companies or investing their song royalties in start-up ventures outside of music.

Considering the fact that selling music doesn’t pay that well especially when starting out, most musicians have side businesses simply to earn an extra dime.

Besides minting money from selling lyrics, today XCLUSIVE UG lists some of the top musicians’ homes and their side businesses.

see what all these are upto

see what all these are upto

However, most times the musicians prefer to keep their involvement in a company and side businesses from the public and main stream media.


Geoffrey Lutaya

The former Eagles Production member is now a Director at Da Nu Eagles band together with his wife Irene Namatovu.

Besides singing, the not so flashy Lutaya has invested considerably in real estate as he owns a number of hotels including Durban Motel in Najjanankumbi, rental apartments in Bwebajja-Busabala Road andPakalast restaurant in Makindye among others. Lutaya also runs a night club named Dance Flo Discotheque in Natete.

He also has about ten commuter taxis plying different routes in Kampala and a huge farm in Gayaza. Lutaya owns three residential mansions in Najjanankumbi, Munyonyo and Bwebajja.


Mesach Semakula

Mesach sleeps in a posh mansion in Buziga-Konge. Besides earning a living from performing at concerts, Mesach has also
heavily in real estate and is believed to be the biggest landlord of all musicians in the country. He owns eight rental apartments in amasuba along Entebbe Road.

The singer also has chunks of land in Mengo-Kisenyi that he inherited from his father. When not collecting money from concerts, Mesach earns from fellow musicians who record at his studio Khan Music Studio in Makindye.


Bobi Wine

The self-styled ghetto president is one of the musicians who make the most money from side businesses that music as he has mastered the art of business. It is now a public secret that Bobi Wine who is nursing political ambitions, owns a residential mansion in Magere that it sits on a 17 acre piece of land.

Thanks to his business acumen, the ‘Aidah’ singer has a number of side businesses that fetch him daily income besides music. To start with he has a farm on the piece of land where his house sits where he rears cows and goats. He has also invested in real estate and owns a number of commercial structures including Ssemakokiro Plaza in Kamwokya which earns him millions monthly in rent. On that building, Bobi Wine has a huge restaurant on one of the floors.


He is also one of the artistes with their own

recording studio, Firebase Records in Kamwokya. Word is that Bobi Wine owns over twenty chapatti and rolex stalls in the same area. He also owns his personal beach One Love beach in Busabala which fetches him millions weekly.


Ronald Mayinja

The pencil thin singer is married to gorgeous Aisha Mayinja and together they stay in their residential mansion in Makindye-Lukuli with their kids. Outside music, Mayinja owns a number of properties as he has invested in real estate and hardware businesses.


He is a landlord with a three floor rental apartment in Namasuba along Entebbe Road plus other apartments in Makindye-Lukuli. This is on top of Roma Motel in Bunamwaya. The former Eagles Productions member owns two Roma Hardware stores in Kireka and Lukuli. Mayinja recently erected a large conference Centre and health club in the plot of land just next to Roma Motel. He also owns a bar named Kapin in Ndeeba.


Jose Chameleone

When it comes to music, Chameleone needs no introduction considering he has been around for long and is rated among the best artistes in East African.

The pencil thin ‘Wale Wale’ singer has a residential mansion in Seguku Upper Arizona long Entebbe Road that he controversially abandoned. He also has two other homes in Munyonyo and Mityana.

Outside music, Chameleone is into real estate and has rental apartments in Wakiso. In late 2012, Chameleone bought rental apartments and named them Daniella Villas after his gorgeous wife Daniella Atim in Kirinya-Bweyogerere where he mints more millions in rent. He had started his own beach on the shores of Lake Victoria but was shut down by NEMA. The singer has also invested in the transport sector with over ten commuter taxis plying different city suburbs.


Radio & Weasel

Considered the dynamic duo, the two are definitely the best and most successful singing partnership to have graced the Ugandan music scene thanks to their consistency in releasing ear pleasing lyrics. Radio & Weasel own a residential mansion in Makindye which they named Neverland. Besides minting dimes from their lyrics, the ‘Juicy Juicy’ hit makers recently acquired land in Busabala where they are constructing a beach. Radio is believed to have rental apartments in
Kitende along Entebbe Road. Radio & Weasel also have their own production house, Goodlyfe Magic in Makindye where other artistes record at a fee.


Haruna Mubiru

The singer is the founder and a director in Kream Production band. Mubiru has two mansions with each of his wives occupying one. His first wife Hadijah Mubiru, daughter to Moses Lumala stays in a two floor mansion in Kabowa. The other house is occupied by his second wife Rauda Mubiru, daughter to tycoon Gaster Ntake Lule. The ‘Kifansalira’ hit maker is also a landlord with rentals in Kabowa. Mubiru also owns two wholesale stores in Kikuubo dealing in kids wear.

Haruna Mubiru

Haruna Mubiru

He is also into farming with a huge poultry farm in Natete that supplies eggs to bakeries in neighbouring areas and traders in Sudan.

Considering he was a barber before making a name as a singer, Mubiru, not forgetting his past, owns Unisex Bridal Salon in Ndeeba.


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