NTV UGANDA workmates Flavia Tumusiime and Andrew Kabuura sent temperatures raising among onlookers by putting up a public display of cuddling, kissing and touching.

Flavia and Kabuura recently

Flavia and Kabuura recently


This was over the weekend in Jinja during the Nyege Nyege festival.

For starters, the two are supposed to be exes. You’ll recall they had a brief stint together during their time at the Guinness Football Challenge.


looks like the two media personalities have all along had unfinished business as they displayed their romance at the festival.

And there’s more. The lovebirds later shifted their romance to Laftaz Bar in the centre of Jinja town and continued from where they had left off.

With Kabuura’s trousers bulging and Flavia’s legs shaking uncontrollably, the two sneaked out of the fully packed bar, hand in hand, and disappeared into the dark parking lot.

The rest we saw was a shaking parked Subaru. Only noise could be heard emanating from the car.


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