ONE OF Elvis Mbonye’s fervent worshipers Joseph Kabuleta has said the ‘prophet’ is more powerful than the catholic pope.

The sports journalist turned preacher at Mbonye’s made the statement while appearing on NBS Television this evening.

And this will surely upset most catholic practitioners all over the world.

Kabuleta kissing Mbonye's shoes

Kabuleta kissing Mbonye’s shoes


Joseph Kabuleta

Joseph Kabuleta

While appearing on NBS TV’s Amasengeje news at 7pm this evening, Kabuleta said: “I don’t care about your pope, I wouldn’t give a damn if he came to Uganda. To me it is my prophet Mbonye I worship and care about.”


On him kissing Mbonye’s shoes, Kabuleta insisted this is not the first time and won’t be the last.

“It is a mark of respect for our leaders. After elections speaker of Parliament (Rebecca) Kadaga bowed before a witchdoctor and no one said a thing. All your leaders in government visit witchdoctors. Why are you only making noise about our Prophet? This is the highest level of double standards,” Kabuleta fumed.


He added: “Prophets world over must be given respect because they represent God. I don’t have time for the pope because I don’t believe in him. If I find him anywhere I will just pass by because I don’t see him as a representative of God. I see God in Prophet Mbonye, it’s my belief and I

know what God has done with him” Kabuleta says.


The tough talking Kabs, as he is popularly known, advised anti prophet Mbonye Ugandans to mind their business.


He also challenged them to mind about only their beliefs and let the over 10, 000 Mbonye army to mind its business.

He insisted that every individual has a constitutional and human right of worship.


Kabuleta further explained that there is a big difference between a pastor and a prophet. He compared it to a doctor and lawyer who perform different roles in society.


On the heavy security detail of pastors and prophets, he said it is normal since these ‘men of God’ are extra ordinary people who need protection. He compared them to rich footballers or musicians who are always protected from fans.


People who understand spiritual authority, know how these things work. Even the rich crawl when it comes to their beliefs.

“We have come out in public and do our stuff because we believe in God. On Friday we were a whopping 2500 and we all worshipped in our own different ways. I am making headlines because it’s me that people know about,” he boasted.


“And everyone must know that us, people Mbonye, have money. Raising Shs1 million really is nothing. People paid willingly and whoever did not have a dime, came to Kololo free of charge,” he added when asked about the fees worshipers paid to access Kololo for Prophet Mbonye prayers last Friday.


Social media has been awash with various users disparaging Prophet Elvis Mbonye and his legion of followers after pictures of many, including Kabuleta, kissing the prophet’s shoes during prayer at Kololo.


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