TOUGH MAN Dixon Okello has urged music and bivulu promoters to respect celebrity brands in order to enable the industry (music) grow.

His outcry comes at the height of promoters advertising musicians whom they have not entered into contractual obligations with.

 Dixon Okello

Dixon Okello

This has over time caused commotion and chaos at concert or show venues with the masses crying foul whenever the advertised musician never shows up.

Okello said: “I ask that you to refrain from

using top artistes’ and local celebrities names to promote your events if you haven’t confirmed anything with them or their management team.

We are sick and tired, of seeing properties destroyed and revelers injured at venues because of selfish and greedy promoters who collect money at the entrance despite knowing that the artistes advertised, will not show up. This is a criminal.

Let’s help the industry grow by respecting each other’s brands. Let’s not force each other into taking drastic measures just to protect our brands.

Always remember… Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap promoters.”


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