With no doubt, freedom city rooftop Sky Beach is by far the most glamorous square mile around, For long, it has set the precedent for entertainment and classic leisure through it’s caribbean pool chills that happens every sunday with City best DJ’s, Mc’s and entertainers.

Sky Beach has been able to maintain their role as one of the best locally acclaimed night spots.

In addition to their other most anticipated nights such as the Carribean pool chills, pool party and others, it has yet come out with something unique in order to stand out. The newly re-branded sky beach has introduced

a new theme night dedicated to movie lovers.

Sky Beach freedom city

With a unique and heady mix of glamour entertainment, Every Thursday of the month at their pool side, they will succor movie lovers to a 3D action packed movie feel.

This is accompanied by free popcorn, Wi-Fi and a chance to win membership to it’s 7star Namasuba based hangout.

With amazing nightlife for party goers like you, sky beach is another way to relax in style.


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