PASTOR SAMUEL Kakande, the lead pastor of Synagogue Church of All Nations, in Mulago, has reportedly gone bonkers following the mystery death of his all powerful ‘evil snake,’ so we are told.

Over the years various scary stories have been told about the pastor turned businessman. His dubious dealings had him disowned by the other pastors.

To be specific in 2006 Kakande was disowned by the umbrella body of Pentecostal churches. For that matter he is not accountable to any religious body in Uganda.

The snake reportedly died last month

The snake reportedly died last month

In 2008, Apostle Alex Mitala, head (former) of the National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Christians told media: “We have a code of conduct that Kakande failed to cope with. Therefore, any criminal actions by him or his followers can only be answered by the Internal Affairs ministry or Police.”

Pastor Samuel Kakande

Pastor Samuel Kakande

The controversial pastor, who has wedded five times in ten years, has always been believed by his followers to be an all too powerful pastor, who even cures ailments including HIV/AIDS.

Kakande is known for his ‘blessed water’ that he claims to possess healing power. His followers scramble for the water which they get at a fee.

We have also learnt that over the years, the pastor has had a spirit in the form of a black snake. It is said for the last few weeks, the pastor has gone AWOL from his Mulago church and his folk has been wondering where their pastor could be.


Now word reaching us is that Kakande is admitted in a mental hospital after he ran mad.

It is said this came about following the death of the mystery snake that has given the pastor evil powers over the years.

We are told the snake died under unclear circumstances sometime last month. Since its death, Kakande’s mental faculties have gone bananas.


However we could not establish which hospital the ‘man of God’ is admitted but we hear

ever since its death, Kakande’s powers have dwindled. It’s said this could have triggered his madness.

“He is nothing without his evil powers,” a source told us.


Speaking to the media recently, Pastor Solomon Male of Arising for Christ Ministries, Male who was Kakande’s number two between 1988 to 1992, confirmed Kakande is a crook.

He (Pastor Male) said: “As Kakande’s co-pastor, I witnessed a lot of evil committed in the name of “Jesus of Prophet John Obiri Yeboah. Kakande used the dead Yeboah’s spirit to perform miracles and to torment and destroy purported enemies.

He wrote and issued paper talismans; used stinking stuff mixed with water to sprinkle on followers to destroy enemies; and abetted their followers in animal sacrifices and the use of traditionally biased witchcraft materials, all indicative of witchcraft powers.

He has divination powers and were fond of cursing while invoking prophet Yeboah’s name. I witnessed marriages and families being torn apart and healthy people manipulated into relationships with known AIDS sufferers — sufferers whom the Kakande’s claimed to have prayed for and healed in the name of “Jesus of prophet Obiri Yeboah”.

Faithfuls were influenced to give their wealth to the couple in the name of Jesus.’’

Pastor Male further claimed his role as Kakande’s number two was to lay a smart strategy to hoodwink and manipulate desperate people who came seeking miracles.

“He is defrauding people and has found favour in the executive of this country. He has turned his people into market for his products and sells and earns super normal profits. He rips off desperate people by faking miracles,” Male added.


He claimed the pastor buys off people and ferries them to the church to give false testimonies and fake miracles at a fee with some earning up to over Shs500,000 for their dramatic antics.


At Kakande’s Synagogue Church of all Nations, there is a range of “holy retail merchandise” including holy water which is fetched from a well at the church at a fee per jerrycan. Holy rice is the latest “commodity” given that his expansive farm churns out tonnes of rice.

Sadly the death of his evil snake has seen his followership take a big dip, we have been told.

Nobody from Kakande’s church was available for comment.


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