VOCAL Makerere University research fellow Dr Stella Nyanzi has finally weighed in on the ongoing heated Age Limit removal debate in Uganda.


Dr Stella Nyanzi fears she could soon be homeless

Dr Stella Nyanzi fears she could soon be homeless

And as expected she is on the opposition side.

In her submission, Nyanzi blamed police for using excessive force in the arrests of anti age limit removal.

Various Ugandans including Kampala Lord mayor Elias Lukwago were brutally last Thursday in a bid to foil demonstrations in town.


Stella Nyanzi: “Police officers are so overthinking the meaning of “TOGIKWATAKO” that they got it all wrong!

Imagine they

touched our Lord Mayor’s article, squeezing and punching it as they kidnapped him, making him cry out in excruciating pain. Shame on Uganda’s brutal police officers who blindly dish out violence on the masses!


Many Members of Parliament, on the other hand, are so underthinking the implications of “TOGIKWATAKO” that they do not realise the import of their role in preserving constitutional safeguards against an entrenched dictatorship! How does one educate such MPs about the love of country?

As for me and my house, we are opposed to removing the presidential age-limits from the constitution. Today, I am following the example of those MPs who get it. I am wearing the red ribbon and chanting the battle-cry of “TOGIKWATAKO!” Aluta continua…”


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