THE WORSHIPER pictured kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes, during prayer at Kololo Independence Grounds over the weekend, has been named.

It is sports journalist turned preacher Joseph Kabuleta. Kabuleta joined other various worshipers to worship Mbonye, a development that has caused social media uproar.




Kabuleta kissing Mbonye's shoes

Kabuleta kissing Mbonye’s shoes


For quite some

time Mbonye has caused a stir with a section of Ugandans branding him a fake pastor. Others have always jumped to his defense.


But the latest pictures of Kabuleta and other worshipers kissing the prophet’s white shoes during prayer time have caused a fresh social media onslaught.


And now many are calling for God’s intervention as some wonder why it’s mostly ladies that flock Mbonye’s ‘church’.


Many others are calling upon government to take action to avoid a Joseph Kibwetere scenario.


Cult leader Kibwetere burnt alive followers in Kanungu in the 1990s.



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