CONTROVERSIAL PROPHET Elvis Mbonye says he has ignited the devils in you his critics.

The ‘man of God’ even goes on to say you are even about to turn violent, but the will of God will cast you out. Whatever that means!

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Here’s the story… Mbonye has been the talk of the nation ever since pictures of his followers licking his white shoes leaked.

Since then, Ugandans including pastors, politicians, name them, came out strongly to critic the fella, with some even claiming a Joseph Kibwetere scenario was on the cards.

Now he has come out to speak.

We quote him: “I love it when we stir the devils in people! Devils normally get violent before they are cast


Looks like he’s having some fun.

He goes on: “’You will know that what I have spoken of old, what I have decreed from old, what I have held in suspense, that I begin to bring even at the door of this land; and I begin to open the door and they begin to see a new day,’ says the Spirit of the living God. ‘And my people begin to rejoice at it, my people begin to know that rest has come. My people begin to know that my throne indeed has brought a new hope from above. My people begin to know that the Lord, surely His word never falls to the ground.’ says the Spirit of the Lord. Thank you Jesus.”

Meanwhile good stuff continues to happen to Mbonye’s life. We have learned that he has been invited to Angola to perform miracles.

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