Capital FM Over Drive presenter Lucky Rahmah Mbabazi has revealed her great respect for Zari Hassan ‘ for deciding her own destiny.’

This comes at the height of troubles in  Zari and her man Diamond Platnumz lives.

Lucky has revealed her a great admiration for Zari

Lucky has revealed her a great admiration for Zari

Zari has handled the whole saga with dignity, respect and bravely.

And for that Lucky has revealed her admiration.

She wrote: “I have never really met her

but i have a level of respect for her.

To not let the world decide your destiny is not for the the faint hearted. Of course she has had a fair share of mistakes and am sure she will make some more for as long as she continues to be human.

Ever since I saw her boys at their father’s funeral, Igrew to respect her more.

Those boys carried them selves with alot of dignity even with all the chaos that was surrounding them.

I then realised that she has realy raised them well and am sure she will continue to do so.”




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