Barbra Kyagulanyi, the wife to Bobi Wine, has told whoever detonated grenades at their home last night to ‘ leave their children out of this.’

Barbie is worried

Barbie is worried

Speaking for the first time following the grenade attack at her home in Magere, a Kampala suburb, Barbie insisted she would rather lose her legs and arms than see her kids harmed in any way.


“You can cut off my legs and arms but please leave my children alone,”

she said in a snap interview.

Barbie further revealed one grenade was thrown at her son, Kampala’s room sending shockwaves.

She added: “One grenade targeted my son’s room and the other my daughter’s room. You can cut off my legs my arms. Damage my face but please leave my children alone.”


Like her hubby she also revealed a few days ago grenade fragments were found near their home but they neglected thinking this was just an isolated incident.

Members of Parliament Allan Sewanyana and Bobi Wine were last night attacked at their homes.

Importantly no one was harm in the separate incidences.


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