The much anticipated Kizunguzungu video by talented musician Filled Mutoni is fast becoming  major hit, just weeks after its release.

Fille's new song is rocking airwaves

Fille’s new song is rocking airwaves

The big budget video was shot both in Kampala and Mombasa, Kenya.

Our sources tell us that the video cost

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in excess of Shs10 million and was shot by Zyga Pix.

According to a source, the song was written by Ray Signature who was paid around shs1 million.

The producer Danz Kumapeesa pocked a cool Shs800, 000.

The song video has already become a major success enjoying airplay on televisions and radios.

This song comes as word continues to do the rounds that the sexy singer will be holding a major concert on 22 December in Kampala.


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