Rivaling Zari Hassan and Don Zella have both set 21st December as their date for their extravagant parties.

Kats and Zari during the White Party last year

Kats and Zari during the White Party last year

Don Zella

And this is expected to be one of the most exciting feuds in recent years with Zari’s white party at Club Guvnor and Don Zella’s at neighbouring  Club Play.


With fans already making

this a big deal on social media, the question now is who set the date first.


That aside, Zari’s white parties have become a must attend for Kampala partiers and this year is expected to be the same.

Don Zella’s Girl Power Party at Club Play will be the first of its kind having held the previous party at lowly Club Ambience.

These two are women with big egos and are also known for being huge spenders besides those other habits they could have in common.

And their biff has been evident all over social media with Don Zella choosing to side with Hamisa Mobeto during her wars against Zari over Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz.


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