There could be bloodshed soon after celebrated musician Eddy Kenzo threatened to end a life.



In a Facebook live video posted on his official page, artiste Kenzo vows to kill presenter Eddie Ssendi, a panelist on the popular Talk and Talk show on the Namuwongo based radio station, if ‘he is discussed again’ on the talkshow.

For years, Kenzo and some other musicians have fallen out with the radio hosts.

The three radio hosts, Isaac Katende, Ssendi and Jenkins Mukasa have been accused by musicians of

being harsh.

On Saturday furious Kenzo went native threatening to end Ssendi’s life if doesn’t stop ‘spreading  falsehoods.’

“Ssendi, Ssendi you are lucky I am not in Uganda. If I were in Uganda, I would drive my car and come to Dembe FM. If it means killing you then I do.

I have gone through a lot to build my name. I can’t allow you Ssendi to tarnish it. If it means death let it be,” Kenzo says in the video.

Speaking to Xclusive UG, Ssendi revealed he has sought a legal interpretation.

“I’m meeting my lawyers this (Monday) afternoon to work out the next step,” Ssendi told us.



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