All is not well with Uganda football boss Moses Magogo.

Word reaching our desk indicates two city glamour ladies are fighting over the FUFA president.

Magogo is torn between Sumaya and Della

Magogo is torn between Sumaya and Della

hear a week ago city sex siren Dellah Ssali, who is FUFA president Moses Magogo’s tight girlfriend, was secretly feuding with a female FUFA official identified as Sumaya Kiwanuka, also said to be extremely close to Magogo.

The two babes were reported to be at loggerheads over what many have branded as an issue of jealousy and backstabbing.

Sources say that Dellah has been accusing Sumaya of extending her friendship to the FUFA boss beyond boundaries, which the former termed as ‘mixing work with friendship’.

And this biff is threatening to rock FUFA operations.

Sumaya has been over the years been one of the most trusted individuals for Magogo in the

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FUFA circles.

Magogo, a known ladies man, is refusing or rather reluctant to choose between the two hotties, a development that is escalating the biff.

Reports indicate that the FUFA president is under pressure from Dellah to fire Sumaya with whom she has been having conflicts of interests.

Sources say that Dellah has always been complaining to friends that Sumaya has been ‘entertaining’ her man.

The sexy and beautiful Dellah is said to have sent emissaries to the juicy aide and warned her to stay away from her man.

Snoops intimate that Magogo’s personal and work life has been overlapping into with that of his assistant, thus creating an uncomfortable situation for Della.

It is revealed that Sumaya has been too close to her boss, something that sparked off whispers and murmurs wherever they would go for sports activations.

Sumaya has been Magogo’s longtime personal assistant and the two have been very close for some years, often enjoying a good working relationship, something that Dellah has been fighting to end.


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