Partners for World Health, a United States based NGO, has commended Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green CEO Joseph Masembe for the great environmental preservation work he’s so far done in Uganda.

Masembe with officials from USA

Masembe with officials from USA

Masembe is currently in the United States where he continues to preach about turning the world green by planting fruit trees.


For years Masembe has through

children embarked on a mission to save the environment through planting trees around the country.


Partners for World Health said in a statement: “Thank you Joseph Masembe for coming to Partners for World Health on Tuesday to tell us about your amazing organizations, Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green and My Kid is a Superstar.

Your mission to work with children to save environment is incredible and your passion for your work shines so brightly! We were honored to meet you first in Uganda and again in the United States!”

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